A Naked Selena Gomez Squats Down And Spreads Her Legs

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A naked Selena Gomez squats down and spreads her legs on what appears to be a filthy mattress in a Tijuana brothel.

No doubt Selena is limbering up for a long night of getting her orifices pounded out during the bordello’s special 3 pesos “Taco Tuesday”. Of course Selena no longer needs the money she makes from her “Johns” after striking it rich whoring herself in Zionist controlled Hollywood, but she continues to work in this 3rd world whorehouse anyway to stay in touch with her roots and honor her family’s legacy.

Yes Selena looks right at home squatting down naked in a squalid cathouse. Perhaps that is because that is how Selena was brought into this world, when her mother Lupita Gomez got into the same position and pushed her out onto the dirty floor while giving one of her famous 1 peso ball draining blowjobs.