Ariana Grande Nude While On All Fours

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Ariana Grande is once again up to her old tricks as she poses nude on all fours with her world famous ass sticking straight up in the air in the photo above.

This picture reminds me of an infidel saying, “Don’t let your mouth write checks your ass can’t cash”. Luckily for Ariana Grande her ass is extremely good at cashing checks, for despite her mouth emitting horrible music she is still quite successful in the Western world and not currently bankrupt.

Unfortunately for Ariana Grande us Muslims have a slightly different saying, “Don’t let your ass write checks your head can’t cash”. In the case of this nude photo Ariana’s ass has written a large check, and she is already hopelessly morally bankrupt under Sharia law. Now Ariana’s head must pay the price, and soon she will once again be face down on all fours but for a completely different reason, as she is stoned in the town square by us mujahedin repo men to pay her debt to Islam.