Bella Thorne Huge Sideboob Dance Video

Bella Thorne shows a huge amount of sideboob while rehearsing a dance in the behind-the-scenes video above.

This Bella Thorne sideboob video is a direct attack on Islam and the teachings of the blessed Prophet (PBUH), for the Qur’an explicitly forbids both the Satanic practice of dancing and the shameful exposure of a woman’s boobs. For Bella to so brazenly combine the two in this video is a great offense, and one that she will one day soon (Allah willing) have to answer for in Sharia court.

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Yes Bella Thorne’s tit flashing and dancing days are numbered. When the world Islamic caliphate finally becomes a reality the only bulbous humps visible will be on the backs of camels, and the only dancing will be done by us righteous mujahedin on the corpses of the vanquished infidels… And as you can see in the video below we know how to get down!

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