Bella Thorne’s Bikini Scene From MTV’s ‘Scream’

The video above features Bella Thorne’s undeniably erotic bikini scene from MTV’s new TV series “Scream”.

There is not many things us Muslims find more sensually pleasing then seeing a whore like Bella getting her throat slit for parading her tight teen body around while nearly naked in a bikini. It is just unfortunate that the “money shot” in this scene was slightly underwhelming, as Bella’s head stayed attached to her body. However, with that said my tunic snake definitely still stood rigid with approval.

The next time MTV decides to cut Bella’s head off perhaps they should consult with one of us righteous Jihadist. We’d gladly teach them how to apply the proper torque to pop it off in a single slice. Which is something Bella herself should certainly think about as she continues to head down the sinful path of becoming a star in the Zionist entertainment industry, instead of accepting the offer to join my harem and tongue bath my enormous hairy ball satchel.