Brie Larson Naked Ass In A Thong From “The Trouble With Bliss”

Brie Larson flaunts her naked ass in a thong for the film “The Trouble With Bliss” in the video above.

This is the closest Brie Larson has come to doing a nude scene, and frankly I think speak for every red-blooded Muslim man when I say that we have seen enough! For Brie’s pasty dumpy ass is an affront to the holy Islamic aesthetic. You better believe that if Brie was out working in the fields every day pulling the plow, digging wells, and hauling bales of hay on her back like a proper woman her rump would be pleasingly plump and round.

Yes Brie’s sloppy butt cheeks in this thong scene are the direct result of the barbaric degenerate heathen culture which allows women to sit around on their duffs all day munching on snacks and watching trashy daytime television. Until Brie Larson undergoes a strict regime of back-breaking hard labor she should keep her disgusting doughy ass flaps hidden away.