Britney Spears Nude Selfies Released

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Washed-up pop star and lecherous lunatic, Britney Spears appears to show off her fully nude body in the recently released set of selfie photos below.


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As we can clearly see from these nude photos, not only is Britney Spears batshit crazy, but she is also a brazen degenerate with a banged out body.

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Of course with that said, Britney does have one redeeming quality in that she has a strong muscular back and sturdy hindquarters which are perfect for performing fieldwork.

nude-celebs, britney-spears

If the voices in Britney’s head would just direct her to the righteous path of Islam, we could certainly make good use of her by hooking her up to a plow in the poppy fields… Before eventually convincing her nutty ass to detonate a martyr vest at some Zionist Hollywood Hills coke party.

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