Christina Ricci Hosts Sex Toy Party

christina-ricci, celeb-jihad

Former child star Christina Ricci is now making her living hosting sex toy parties in Los Angeles. As you can see in the photo above Christina Ricci and her flamboyantly gay Asian male assistant are showing off the latest sex device to the delight of horny party-goers.

Christina is starting to crouch down in her short dress to prepare herself to insert the glowing orb into her well used snatch. Sources at the party confirmed that Christina easily took this and many other sex toys into her various orifices. By the end of the night Christina walked away with nearly a dozen orders, which she should see a handsome commission on.

I must congratulate Christina Ricci because performing sex acts at parties to sell sex toys is much less morally offensive then the movies she use to make in Hollywood. There is obviously still hope for her soul yet. Allahu Akbar!