Clip From Top Secret Michael Jackson Tape Leaked

michael-jackson, celeb-jihad

The last videos taken by Michael Jackson were so top secret that they were transported to a vault by armed guards, in an unmarked truck, in the dead of the night, according to court documents in the Conrad Murray manslaughter case.

Obviously Michael Jackson’s estate does not want anyone to see what is on those tapes. Well too bad! We here at Celeb Jihad have obtained an exclusive clip from one of the top secret Michael Jackson tapes labeled “Child Wrangling”.

As you can see in the video below Michael Jackson visits a mall and appears to “wrangle” a child for his next sleepover by getting her to smell what appears to be a chloroform balloon. What a rascal!

michael-jackson, celeb-jihad

We here at Celeb Jihad will continue working at uncovering more from these top secret Michael Jackson tapes. So stay tuned! Allahu Akbar!