Emily Ratajkowski Body Paint Butt Jiggle

emily-ratajkowski, celeb-jihad

Model Emily Ratajkowski’s butt jiggles while getting her body painted in this behind the scenes clip.

After Emily Ratajkowski spends one growing season working in the fields of her Muslim master you better believe her ass will no longer jiggle, as it will be as tight as a bacha bazi’s anus and as hard as a stone hurled at blasphemer’s head.

Unfortunately for Emily she must deal with her shameful undulating ass cheeks for now, as she has not been purchased by a Muslim yet because her dark complexion has kept many bidders on the sideline out of fear that she may be part abid. However, if scientific testing (involving grape Kool-Aid packets, lotion, and a bass speaker) clears her of any simian ancestry, Emily’s booty will be whipped (literally) into shape real quick.