Emma Stone Nude Scene From “The Favourite”

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The video clip below is our first look at Academy Award winning actress Emma Stone’s big screen nude debut in the film “The Favourite”.

As Emma Stone tells it, this nude scene was all her idea, “I had the sheet up around me, and as we were shooting it and we did a few takes, I said, ‘Can I please just be (naked)?’ I think it’s going to give Sarah something to look at when she sees that I’m not just under the sheet covered up.”. The director agreed with Emma’s sickeningly slutty suggestion, and the rest as they say is Showbiz history.

However, according to our sources Emma didn’t stop there. After popping out her nude titty, she then requested that they film her sticking out her bare ass while she spreads her cheeks open. Her reasoning being that if her breast was good for the movie’s storyline then surely her puckering pink sphincter would help advance the plot even further.