Emma Watson Caught On Camera Nude Climbing Out Of A Pool

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Actress Emma Watson was caught on camera fully nude while climbing out of a swimming pool in the disturbing photo above.

Even though pools are usually doused with strong chemicals, Emma Watson rinsing out her nasty cock box into one of them like this is surely a serious health hazard. To be on the safe side public health authorities should drain the pool, give it a thorough scrubbing, call in an imam to perform an exorcism, and then throw a cup of acid in Emma’s face for causing all these problems to begin with.

Yes Emma Watson’s sinful nude body is not something that should not be taken lightly, as it is certainly infested with djinns. If the infidels think that the Zika virus shrinking the heads of Brazilian babies is bad, just wait and see the kind of destruction an outbreak of Emma Watson pussy shaitans would cause. It would be devastating!