Emma Watson Deleted “Harry Potter” Sex Education Scenes Uncovered

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The video below appears to feature Emma Watson playing “Hermione Granger” participating in Hogwarts’ infamous sex education class from the spin-off film “Harry Potter: Senior Year”.

It is easy to see why this sex scene was scraped from the film, as Emma’s character Hermione’s performance is certainly sub-par in this class… Thus earning her the very first D of her Hogwarts career (ba-dum-tss).

emma-watson, celeb-videos

Later in the film Hogwarts is shut down and condemned by the “Ministry of Magic” when the extensiveness of their sex education curriculum comes to light… As well as the survivor stories of headmaster Dumbledore’s extreme pederast behavior.

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Of course in real life Emma Watson has no need for sex education, as she is well versed in all areas of degeneracy… Including the flashing of her titties behind-the-scenes of photo shoots in remastered and enhanced video clips like the one above.

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