Emma Watson Is A Pretty Man

emma-watson, celeb-jihad

Emma Watson is fast becoming one of the prettiest men in showbiz. Just look at how handsome she is in her short skirt, seductively laid out in a masculine garage setting.

Emma Watson is obviously trying to seduce women for lesboqueer sex with this picture, and frankly I don’t see how they are going to resist as I am a pious Muslim man and this picture made me want to scissor with her. Weak willed women do not stand a chance!

Our only hope is that Emma Watson gets her fill of sinful lesbian sex before she can seduce our wives and daughters. With the amount of lesbian f*cking Emma Watson is going to be doing after this picture hits the mainstream, it is not outside the realm of possibility to hope that Emma contracts lock jaw or tears her labia. I know what I’ll be praying for today at the Mosque. Allahu Akbar!