Emma Watson Poses For Artsy B&W Topless Photo

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Emma Watson poses completely topless while trying to look artsy in the black and white photo above.

It is a common delusion among infidel women that if they simply make their lewd photos black and white, all of a sudden they are works of art and not pornography. Well I got news for Emma Watson and any other wannabe topless female artists, there is absolutely nothing artistic or aesthetically pleasing about a woman’s breasts or bare flesh.

Real art consists of bucolic scenes featuring beautiful goats playfully prancing in the fields, or perhaps a desert landscape with a mighty camel shading itself underneath a fig tree. Ideally these pictures should be painted with the blood of the infidel on canvases made of Jew bone to add to the moving ambiance of the piece. Certainly photos of Emma Watson’s tiny titties can not be even begin to compare to such works of art, no matter how devoid of color she makes them.