Heather Graham Looks Incredible as She Hits the Beach in Malibu (39 Photos)

Heather Graham looks stunning as she hits the beach in Malibu, 06/08/2020. The fabulous-at-50 “Boogie Nights” star was spotted enjoying a paddle in the water with a male companion.

Dressed in an ivory bikini, Heather took care to protect her complexion with a huge floppy hat and sunglasses. At one point, a mutual friend popped down to join them in the surf to take a picture of them. Heather and her pal happily posed for the snap. Spending around 20 minutes laughing and chatting, the duo then made their way back up the beach, with the wind blowing Heather’s hair across her face as she repositioned her hat.

Beaches were closed for a period of time in Malibu as measures were taken to attempt to stop the spread of coronavirus. But they are now reopened as long as certain precautions are taken. Before the coronavirus pandemic struck, Heather was on a promotional tour for her dramatic film “The Rest Of Us”, but that was also halted as the global crisis took hold.

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