Holly Valance Nude Deleted Scene From “DOA: Dead or Alive”

Holly Valance appears fully nude in this deleted scene from the film “DOA: Dead or Alive”.

Only in the twisted and depraved minds of heathen Hollywood writers would they imagine a woman who can not only beat up multiple men at once, but does so with her sinful naked feminine sex organs exposed. Of course in the real world one of these men would have simply back-slapped this mouthy slut across the face and sent her reeling… Then they would drag her off to be gang banged.

Yes the Zionists who run Hollywood certainly seem to be obsessed with pushing the ridiculous idea that women like Holly Valance are physically capable of beating up men. Which even in the pathetically emasculated infidel West is an absurd notion… Although Holly may be able to hold her own for a minute against your typical low testosterone limp-wristed kuffar male.

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