Jennifer Lawrence Standing Around Naked

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Jennifer Lawrence is back doing what she does best… standing naked in front of a camera in the photo above.

At this point there must be more nude photos of Jennifer then there are of any other whore in heathen Hollywood. She truly is the most shameless harlot in Tinseltown, yet remarkably she still refuses to do a nude scene up on the big screen.

If Jennifer Lawrence is expecting some sort of big payday for finally showing her sex organs in a movie she is going to be sorely disappointed. For we have all seen her naked so many times online now that the average Joe could easily pick her tits out of a lineup and describe in detail the contours of her asshole. No producer is going to pay her top dollar to show off something that has been given away for free on numerous occasions. Of course Jennifer will no doubt then write another op-ed piece in a women’s magazine claiming that it is sexism in the movie industry that is keeping her from cashing in on her boobies, and forcing her to settle for a measly 20 million dollars a film.