Joe Jonas Ashley Greene Kiss Staged

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Tweens all over the Western world are in a tizzy over this picture of Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene kissing.

Unfortunately these tweens’ minds have been warped by the Zionist controlled media and pharmaceutical industry to such an extent that they can not spot that this supposed Joe Jonas Ashley Greene kiss was obviously staged. Just look at 14 year old Claudia from Greenville, NC response to this pic,

“Well, so nice couple! hope joe don’t broke up with the realtionship with her like he did with demi, lol :)”

Notice how Claudia’s comment is riddled with grammar and spelling errors, and how she is not talking about the illegal occupation of the Middle East by the imperialist forces of the Anglo-American empire. This is just what the Zionist were hoping for when they staged this Joe Jonas Ashley Greene kiss.

Luckily the truth shines through in this photo. Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene both look miserable trying to fake this kiss for their Zionist masters in Hollywood. In fact Ashley Greene is holding a water bottle so she can immediately rinse her mouth and get the taste of man spunk that Joe Jonas (from his men’s room escapades) constantly has in his mouth.

This Joe Jonas Ashley Greene kiss is obviously just another small part of the world Zionist conspiracy, and is meant to distract the masses from the real issues. Insallah, the truth will come out and the oppressors will be crushed.