Kaley Cuoco Cuckolds Her Fiancé On A Special ‘The Big Bang Theory’

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In a very special episode of “The Big Bang Theory” set to air during the February sweeps, Kaley Cuoco’s character “Penny” is going to cuckold her nerd fiancé “Leonard” with a big black cock.

As you can see in the photo above, “The Big Bang Theory” is certainly going to push the envelope when it comes to on-screen sex on network TV, as Kaley Cuoco gets her orifices stretched and seeded in front of her man by this black bull. This sort of interracial cuckolding is very common throughout the infidel West, as the emasculated limp dick white males enjoy nothing more than sitting in a corner and watching as their women get pounded by primitive Sub-Saharans. So expect this episode (tentatively titled “Da Black Bang Theory”) to be one of the highest rated of the season.

Of course this isn’t the first time “The Big Bang Theory” tackled the topic of guy’s getting off to the nerds unrealistically attractive girlfriends. Who could forget the classic scene in the video above of Melissa Rauch’s character “Bernadette” watching Buzz Aldrin masturbating to her Maxim photo shoot while laying in bed with her boyfriend “Howard”.