Katy Perry Bends Over And Shows Her Lady Crack From The Back

katy-perry, celeb-jihad

Katy Perry bends over while performing in concert and shows off the lady crack formed by her meaty piss flaps in the GIF above.

Clearly Katy Perry is hoping that by showing her engorged cock pocket from behind she will entice one of us virile Muslim men to shove our enormous manhoods deep inside of her baby cave before pillaging her anus. Unfortunately for Katy the sight of her bending over like this is revolting to us pious Muslims, for the only times it is acceptable for a woman to stick her ass in the air is when she is scrubbing the floor, praying to Allah, or planting roadside bombs.

Yes there is certainly nothing even remotely appealing about this Katy Perry GIF. In fact, Katy is lucky there were no Muslims around to witness this wanton display, as she’d be more likely to get a pressure cooker bomb stuffed up her ass then one of our righteous tunic snakes.