Katy Perry’s Sex Song Video

As you can see in the video above, when Katy Perry was asked what her favorite song to have sex to is, her first instinct was no doubt to respond “the song of a room full of men arguing over who gets which hole at one of my gang bangs”, but Katy caught herself and went with the standard answer of Marvin Gaye.

The video then proceeds to show Katy Perry behaving like a total whore by frolicking unchaperoned with men who are not her male relatives or husband, while a song about having sex to Marvin Gaye songs plays in the background. Naturally as we would expect from a woman like Katy left to her devices, the scene eventually degrades to Katy having sinful sexual relations with one of the men.

This whole Katy Perry sex song video is the perfect illustration of why music is haram, and should be banned from society. Thank Allah that in the civilized Islamic world the only melodious sounds permitted are those of the “Adhan” (call to prayer). Though I can not deny that a well sung Adhan is extremely sensual, and gets my tunic rigid with anticipation of some hardcore praying at the Mosque.

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