Lana Del Rey Interracial Sex Video Leaked

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An interracial sex video featuring indie pop star Lana Del Rey has just been leaked to the Internet.

This sex scene is from the music video for Lana Del Rey’s song “National Anthem”. The song and music video were commissioned by President Barack Obama to replace the outdated American national anthem with something that was hip and encapsulated the American people’s love for race mixing.

As you can see Lana Del Rey does an excellent job of glorifying being a mudshark whore, and romanticizing having hideous mongrel children so that she can go on welfare and have fancy birthday parties and picnics.

Truly this Lana Del Rey sex video accurately represents the modern American dream. In the near future this song will be song before every sporting event in the United States, and these Lana Del Rey interracial sex scenes fill the minds and hearts of all in attendance.