Mary Magdalene Unveils Full Bum Tattoo After Splashing Out Thousands On Butt Lift (33 Photos)

A plastic surgery-obsessed woman who is on a mission to get the “world’s fattest vagina” has unveiled her latest look to fans, a full booty tattoo.

Mary Magdalene, 24, from Canada, has undergone numerous procedures over the past few years in an effort to transform into a “plastic princess”.

The model has splashed out more than $105K on her transformation, having undergone a brow lift, three nose jobs, cheek and lip fat transfers, three boob jobs, 20 dental veneers, a trio of Brazilian butt lifts and numerous lip fillers.



More recently, she’s been getting injections that cause her genitals to “swell up”.

Mary unveiled yet another new look this week, but this one was made from ink with an elaborate and colorful bum tattoo of two scary-looking teddy bears.

She shared a short clip of the ink to her 480K Instagram followers and was clearly over the moon with the art, simply captioning the post: “So happy.”


The model wore a tiny black thong and a crop top as she lay on her side with her back to the camera to ensure all eyes were on her new tattoo, which features a red teddy bear on one bum cheek and a blue one on the other.

The red teddy bear is covered in thick stitches and its intestines are spilling out, while the blue teddy smiles sadistically.

Both of the bears are surrounded by black stars set against a bright orange and yellow background.

The video was inundated with over 71,300 views and hundreds of comments from followers who couldn’t get enough of the unique inking.

Mary previously told that she doesn’t regret her multiple cosmetic surgeries.




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