Mel Gibson Explains the Financial Crisis

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On Monday the Dow Jones Industrial Average suffered its largest one-day point loss after the House of Representatives rejected a proposed bailout plan. What does this mean for American taxpayers and the ailing U.S. economy? senior business correspondent Mel Gibson answers your questions in layman’s terms.

Question #1: What is the main cause of the current financial crisis?

Frank Lessick
Denver, CO


mel-gibson, celeb-jihadMel Gibson: Responsibility lies with the Jews. They own the Federal Reserve Bank. It’s not “federal” at all. It’s privately owned by Jews! Already the Federal Reserve has 4 Jews ruling its 5-member Board of Governors.

Question #2: What would the proposed bailout plan have meant to the American tax payer?

Katherine Scully
Cleveland, OH


mel-gibson, celeb-jihadGibson: President George Bush would have borrowed money in the billions from the Jewish money lenders of the Federal Reserve Bank. They look so very professional & so legit don’t they? But don’t fall for it, for they are bandits. How did President George Bush plan to pay for these loans at Jewish high interest, hmm? By taxing American Gentiles up the gazoo!

Question #3: How worried should I be about my bank failing?

Chris Franovich
Flint, MI


mel-gibson, celeb-jihadGibson: Banking has been the livelihood of the Jews for centuries. This is because historical Christendom forbad the employing of usury, as it is forbidden in the Bible. But the Jews stepped in and became the bankers of Christendom, gouging the gentiles at every turn.

Question #4: Is it true that the bail out plan would have included foreign-owned banks?

Rich Wilkins
Scranton, PA


mel-gibson, celeb-jihadGibson: The modern age of Jewish banking began with Mayer Amschel Bauer who, in 1750, set up the House Of The Red Shield (House Of Rotschildt) in an area of Frankfurt called “Judengasse” (literally Jew Street). He put up a banner on his store front with a Red Shield on it, complete with the occult symbol of the so-called Jewish Star of David.

Question #5: Does responsibility for the crisis rest in Washington or New York?

Andrew Brown
Louisville, KY


mel-gibson, celeb-jihadGibson: I was in Greenwich Village last week and I saw this disgusting pervert “monument” to homosexuals championed by the New York ACL-JEWS! I took my cross and made large slicing movements all over the homos and lesbians depicted in the abominable work of plaster. Then I yelled out, “Homosexuality & Lesbianism Is An Abomination!”

Question #6: Are there any safe investments left out there? What about international markets?

Joe Kettner
Cincinnati, OH


mel-gibson, celeb-jihadGibson: Organ trafficking is now a multi-million dollar business. Couple this with the Zionists having an obsession for self-preservation and the Jewish Talmud’s view of Arabs being sub-human, and Israel emerges as a leading trafficker in the organ transplant business.

Question #7: I have your son.

Nate Feldman
Danbury, CT


mel-gibson, celeb-jihad