Melanie Griffith Takes a Swim Out in the Warm Italian Waters on Her Holiday in Nerano (30 Photos)

63-year old American actress Melanie Griffith takes a swim out in the warm Italian waters out in her holiday in Nerano, 07/27/2021.

An icon back in the 80’s appearing in films such as ‘Body Double and ‘Working Girl’, Melanie wore her bikini out in the sweltering heat as she chilled out on her yacht.

Melanie who has had a string of romantic relationships with the likes of Don Johnson and more noticeably with Antonio Banderas and despite their divorce back in 2015, the pair still remain good friends.

After the swim and drying herself off with a towel, the actress took a boat ride, heading to dine out with family and friends for some al fresco style Italian cuisine.




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