Mila Kunis Laying Naked On Her Bed

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Mila Kunis lays naked on her bed in the extremely suggestive photo above.

It couldn’t be more obvious what Mila is up to by exposing her ass, slightly lifting her leg, and giving a mischievous look back to the camera in this photo. For clearly Mila is releasing noxious farts from her taut Jewish anus after having eaten too many matzoh balls and latkes.

Leave it to a disgusting Jewess whore like Mila Kunis to photograph herself unleashing her unholy anal gas. No doubt Mila is using this photo as a warning to us Muslims that when she visits the West Bank she will not hesitate to use her foul rectal wind to drive out any remaining Palestinians still in their homes, so that the Israeli settlers can move in. So let us pray to Allah that he protect us from Mila’s pungent butt breath, and provide us with a mighty breeze to drive the rancid stench back up into the nostrils of our enemies.