Miley Cyrus Fully Nude With Her Legs Spread In An Outtake Photo

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Miley Cyrus poses fully nude with her legs spread wide in the leaked outtake picture above from her recent Paper Magazine photo shoot.

Of course there are almost certainly MANY more nude outtake photos of Miley spread eagle and showing off her cock box in existence, but this was the first one to be released online. Unfortunately this photo is a little disappointing as Miley’s pubic bush just isn’t up to our pious Muslim standards, for Miley’s sinful lady lips are visible through the hairs.

Hopefully Miley Cyrus will work at cultivating a rich thick pubic thatch between her legs, so that the next time we see her it looks like she has Don King in a leg lock. For there is nothing us Muslims would enjoy more than nestling up to Miley’s moist musty crotch beard and feel its whisker tickling our cheeks, as the weevils from our own manly face beards burrow into her loins.