Miley Cyrus’ Nipples Get Hard On Way To Mosque

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Miley Cyrus was photographed on her way to a Mosque in West Hollywood yesterday for a vigorous afternoon prayer session.

As you can clearly see in the photo above Miley Cyrus is super excited to be going to a Mosque… you know because her nipples are hard.

It is great to see a reformed gutter skank like Miley turn her life around by embracing the teachings of Muhammad, and accepting Allah as her lord and master. Miley Cyrus’ enthusiasm for our faith is both inspiring and erotic, and I for one would like to thank her for her devotion.

If Miley Cyrus continues down this righteous path I have no doubt that she will make a lovely servant girl to strong Muslim man, or Insullah she may one day find herself in the harem of a powerful Shek. Truely that will be a blessing for her. Keep it up Miley! Allahu Akbar!