Nadine Velazquez Nude Scene From “Flight” Brightened In HD

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The video below features “My Name Is Earl” star Nadine Velazquez’s nude scene from the film “Flight” expertly brightened and in high definition.

From this clip it is easy to discern that the plot of this “Flight” movie revolves around a Mexican whore (played by Nadine) sleeping with the lazy nig nog ICE agent charged with flying her degenerate Aztec ass back to her shithole of a country. Why the US pays for flights for their deportees when a catapult is so much more cost effective (and fun) remains a mystery.

Fittingly in an instance of life imitating art, Nadine was recently taken into custody by immigration officials, as you can see in her arrest video above.

Rumor has it that the Great Orange Sultan Trump himself will soon personally grab Nadine by the pussy to determine if she has what it takes to help make America great again, or if she should be deported with the rest of the filthy taco tramps.