Natalie Portman Nude Outtake From “Closer”

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Natalie Portman exposes her silky smooth pussy in the recently leaked outtake photo above from the set of the film “Closer”.

As you can see from the video above, Natalie Portman left little to the imagination while prancing around in a tiny thong playing a stripper who gets badgered by some homoqueer Englishman for her real name.

nude-celebs, natalie-portman, celeb-jihad

However, the final cut of the film did not include a clear shot of Natalie pulling her panties to the side to show her pink piss flaps, as producers feared that the movie would not be able to maintain its “R” rating.

Of course the director fought the censoring of this scene tooth and nail, for he knew that Natalie’s nude sin slit was absolutely essential to not only convey the duality of her character’s nature (in that she would readily reveal the intimacy of her private parts but not her name), but also the fact that much like Natalie herself this stripper is a tremendous gutter skank whore.