New Kaley Cuoco Nude Photo Leaked

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When “The Big Bang Theory” star Kaley Cuoco isn’t committing blasphemy about the creation of the universe on her terribly unfunny show, she is usually busy leaking slutty naked pictures of herself to the Web.

In this latest leaked Kaley Cuoco nude photo, Kaley is sitting on her bed with her hair disheveled and a lecherous look in her eye. No doubt Kaley is anticipating laying back and getting her legs pushed up behind her head as she receives her own “big bang”.

Unfortunately for Kaley Cuoco the limp-dicked science loving atheists she consorts with could never accomplish a big bang. Of course they will “reason” that their tiny manhoods are adequate because science teaches that you only need 2.5 inches to hit the g-spot. However, I have faith that Kaley would see Allah himself and renounce her godless cosmology if she were ever lucky enough to get split in 2 by a Muslim’s mighty tunic snake.