Olivia Munn Shows Off Her Hard Nipples

olivia-munn, celeb-jihad

Plain Jane geek icon Olivia Munn showed off her hard nipples in the picture above while probably daydreaming about a virile Muslim man.

There is little doubt when seeing Olivia Munn at this level of sexual stimulation that she is thinking of Islamic man meat. Most likely she is having the common infidel fantasy of a powerful Muslim man mashing her face down into the bed while he hurriedly thrusts inside of her in an effort to orgasm as quickly as possible.

As a Muslim man I feel violated that a whore like Olivia Munn is receiving such intense sexual pleasure from these thoughts, and by then using them to flaunt her hard nipples in the picture above she has clearly crossed the line. Rest assured a fatwa will be issued against Ms Munn shortly.