Selena Gomez Shows Off Her Bare Ass

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Selena Gomez shows off her bare ass while laying on her bed bottomless in the disturbing photo above.

One can only assume that Selena Gomez got a nasty case of the taco farts and blew her panties clear across the room before taking this photo. For there is no other reason why Selena would be showing her stinky nude Mexican ass on camera… unless of course there is a donkey off screen getting ready to mount her.

Yes Selena Gomez has once again shown her self to be a shiftless vile whore with questionable bowels by posing for this bare booty pic. At least if Selena was out picking lettuce in the fields were she belongs, her noxious beaner gas blowing up her poncho would be her fellow Mexicans’ problem. Instead the Zionists have made Selena a star in heathen Hollywood, and now we most suffer the sight of her primitive Mesoamerican backside out flapping in the breeze.