Selena Gomez Spreads Her Legs To Try And Win Justin Back

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Selena Gomez’s longtime on and off again boyfriend Justin Bieber recently announced that he got engaged. Naturally Selena is taking the news very poorly, and she is desperate to win Justin back by any means necessary, as evidenced by her spreading her legs to flash her barely covered pussy mound in the video clip below obtained by Iranian surveillance satellites.

Obviously Selena saw Justin as her last hope to get a green card, and with the Great Orange Sultan Trump deporting her fellow illegal immigrant compatriots back to the shithole country of Mexico at record numbers, her situation is dire.

Sadly for Selena even a stupid manlet like Justin Bieber isn’t dumb enough to marry her slutty Mexican mudshark ass at this point, and no amount of sloppy titty bouncing is going to change that. For Selena is clearly about 6 months away from completely falling apart, and finally inheriting the squat bloated build of her Meso-American people.