Sophie Marceau Infamous Full Boob Slip

The video above features French actress Sophie Marceau’s infamous full boob slip from a red carpet event.

Sophie Marceau’s Gallic old lady tit popping out like this is the perfect illustration of why Europe in general and France in particular desperately needs Islam to save it from drowning in degeneracy.

sophie-marceau, nude-celebs, celeb-jihad

With their overtly sexual women and nude beaches, France was on the brink of collapse before us pious Muslims began heavily immigrating there from North Africa and enforcing holy Sharia law. For surely we can all agree that no society can properly function with the ever looming prospect of a geriatric jug like Sophie Marceau’s springing forth at any moment.

sophie-marceau, nude-celebs, celeb-jihad

With the upcoming French election there has been a lot of talk from a candidate named Le Pen about preserving “French culture” by resisting the inevitable caliphate (as if a culture of crappy techno music and cucks watching big West African nig nogs banging their wives was something worth preserving). So let Sophie Marceau’s breast serve as a reminder to the French people that embracing the righteous path of Islam is their one and only chance at salvation from the nihilistic baseness of modern times.