Taylor Swift Flashes Her Butt Cheek In Concert

taylor-swift, celeb-jihad

After being on the road for months now, Taylor Swift’s 1989 Tour is starting to plod along, so Taylor decided to spice things up a bit by flashing the side of her butt cheek in concert while in short shorts in the photo above.

Clearly Taylor Swift is getting desperate if she is relying on her scrawny little ass to entertain concertgoers. For no matter how hopelessly depraved Taylor Swift’s fans are, even they can agree that there is nothing even remotely appealing about seeing the side of Taylor’s tiny tushy.

Yes Taylor’s bony butt has no redeeming qualities as it is clearly too weak to pull the plow, and too dainty to take a good hard pounding from a Muslim’s enormous tunic snake. However, the photo below of Taylor preparing to throat f*ck herself with a microphone is somewhat interesting.

taylor-swift, celeb-jihad

If Taylor were to redesign her stage show to center around her deep throating and gagging on her various bedazzled Sennheisers, not only would it be a much more interesting performance, but it would also be a much better sounding one as well.