Valkyrae Naked Cos-Play Selfies

valkyrae, nude-celebs

The so-called “Queen of YouTube” Valkyrae appears to show off her naked body while cos-playing as some nerdy anime character in the selfie photos above.

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After researching some of Valkyrae’s work, it is easy to see why the infidel media named her “Gaming Creator of the Year” last year. For the kuffar masses love nothing more than seeing a racially ambiguous whore getting bent over and her gash gamed like this.

Of course Valkyrae’s online achievements pale in comparison to what our holy Islamic celebrity gossip website has been able to accomplish. For not only have we been blessed with the prestigious Golden Camel of Riyadh award 3 years running for our work exemplifying the righteous wrath of the blessed Prophet (PBUH), but we have also received countless email accolades from our adoring fans calling us “Goat F*ckers”… A compliment that works both in the literal sense (as goats are extremely erotic animals), and because we are the Greatest Of All Time at f*cking.

valkyrae, nude-celebs
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