Willow Sky Makes $35K a Month on OnlyFans (30 Photos)

Model, whose ex-boyfriend reportedly told her “no one would ever find her attractive”, has got the ultimate revenge, now earning $35K a month on OnlyFans.

Willow Sky, 23, from Essex, was with her boyfriend for years, and although things started well, the relationship turned sour.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ukwillow1/


The model claims her ex said “no one would ever find her attractive”, which saw her confidence plummet.

But determined to get her own back, following the break-up, Willow turned to OnlyFans, and since joining has become a huge success, raking in cash by showing off her body.


She now earns between around $35K a month, sharing videos and photos of herself.

Willow says she also caught her ex texting and going away on holidays to sleep with multiple women. But she’s now got her revenge as thousands of men lust after the woman on OnlyFans.

She first signed up in July 2019 but didn’t start sharing content properly until February last year.

Willow says joining OnlyFans has helped boost her confidence as she is constantly lavished with compliments from fappers.


However, Willow also took time after her break up to work on loving and accepting herself and now refuses to listen to other’s critical remarks about her.

Willow has also managed to find love again and has been with her new partner, not named for privacy reasons, for two years.


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